Nothin’ But The Blues: Radio Video

A video version of – a radio show?

The 21st century presents a brave new world for innovative radio content.

Radio managers looking for content outside the old paradigm have the entire internet at their disposal.

So, we opened the Trés Le Parque. And made a Blues show.

Blues lovers are everywhere. They live in many countries. They speak many languages. They occupy every social demographic. Nothin’ But The Blues is for those people.

Nothin’ But The Blues is heard across Australia each week on the Internet Rock Radio Station:


“I’m A Guitar King”  –  Dion

“Give Me Back My Wig”  –  Hound Dog Taylor And The Houserockers

“Short Haired Woman”  –  Lightnin’ Hopkins

“Hair Dressin’ Women”  –  Big Maybelle

“I Love My Guitar”  –  Steve James & Del Rey

“Just My Guitar And Me”  –  Bernard Allison

“Lucille”  –  B.B. King

“How Blue Can You Get”  –  B.B. King

“Nobody Loves Me But My Mother”  –  B.B. King

“Don’t Answer The Door”  –  B.B. King

“Born To Play Guitar”  –  Buddy Guy

“The Real Guitar Rag”  –  Steve James & Del Rey


Above is a video version of NBTB Episode #8.

The audio version is available further down the page – among the other editions.

We might just as easily have made it a Rock show – or one to include an even broader sampling of the past 100 years of popular music. But we chose to start at the roots. The foundation on which much of what followed, was built.

And yes, we just happen to have a deep affection for The Blues.

As always, thanks for listening… or, viewing.

Gideon Rhyme  –  Cultural Detective


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