Nothin’ But The Blues: Ep.16



“I’m A Business Man”  –  Carey Bell

“John The Revelator”  –  Son House

“Blow Gabriel”  –  Bessie Jones with The Georgia Island Singers

“The Thunderer”  –  Dion

“The Hurt”  –  Colin Linden

“It Hurts Me Too”  –  Tampa Red

“You Hurt Me”  –  Little Willie John

“Hurt Like Mine”  –  The Black Keys

“My Baby Is Sweeter”  –  John Hammond

“Sugar Sugar Woman”  –  Jimmy Reed

“Sugar Sweet”  –  Freddie King

“Chimney Sweep”  –  Dutch Tilders

“Baker Man Blues”  –  Rick Estrin And The Nightcats

“Garbage Man”  –  Bernard Allison


While your ardent Cultural Detective has been otherwise engaged in mortal combat with a common cold and thus wounded, in no fit state to submit his reports, other developments have been underway here at the Parque. (Sorry, no spoilers.)

Before we get into what you’ll find in this edition, I first want to thank the handful of Blues enthusiasts who have taken the time to listen – and chosen to follow the further adventures of – Nothin’ But The Blues.

Humbly, I offer a welcome to you all – including: shakyjoe  – hotfox63 – and kirilson – who were among the first to visit us at Trés Le Parque. Thanks for the support, folks.

In this edition, we approach the subject of Work. (Don’t worry, it’s from a safe distance.) Of course, being The Blues, not even something as simple as Work is going to be straightforward. In The Blues, Work can allude to any number of things. But usually, just one. We arrive at that one thing from the perspective of the Business Man – the Chimney Sweep – the Baker – and the Garbage Man.

In the Blues, you’re never too far from a double entendre. Likewise, you’re never too far from the church house. So, this time, we’re checking out some of the more Saintly personalities who come up for special consideration in the Blues. On our list are, John The Revelator – Saint Gabriel – and Saint Jerome.

And, if that sounds a little too dry and academic – we’ll tempt your tastebuds with some Sweet Blues, from Jimmy Reed – John Hammond – and Freddie King.

However, there can be no Sweet without it’s bitter opposite.

Also in this edition (and with apologies to the memory of Timi Yuro) we go in search of  the big Hurt.

If the Blues is about a good man (or woman) feeling bad, there’s more than enough Hurt to to go around. To help us understand the depth of this feeling, we’ll hear some painful confessions from The Black Keys – Colin Linden – Little Willie John – and Tampa Red.

And sure, I understand your confusion. How can we possibly fit all that pain and hurt – along with so much sugar and other, similarly sweet things – a variety of sanctified personages – and a fair chunk of the everyday workforce – into a single hour of richly entertaining Blues radio?

Press the Play button above and all these things will become as clear as a brand new day. It’s Nothin’ But The Blues, people.

As always, thanks for listening.

Gideon Rhyme  –  Cultural Detective


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