Trés Le Parque New Year!

Happy New Year, fellow Parquers

The wrap on season one of ‘Nothin’ But The Blues’ in late 2017 segued, almost seamlessly, into a major revamp of the playlist for – a little Internetville radio station/streaming platform, just down the road apiece from the Trés Le Parque.

Deciding that ‘Rock’ music, in spite of it being commercially marginalised these days, remains life-affirming in it’s potency – and still worthy of our respect, we began shaping the format to best reflect it’s current state, it’s classic period and the vitality of it’s heritage.

Conveniently, with both Gideon Rhyme and Ms. Alexa Reason enjoying their well-earned vacations in more exotic locales on the internet, I was able to delve, without interruption, into the cavernous Trés Le Parque music library.

The result is what I believe to be a Rock music format which, for it’s audience, is comprehensive, broad-ranging, occasionally challenging, 100% real – and above all, entertaining. So, sure, we play hits but at you’ll also hear those deeper album cuts you may not have played in years. And there’s new Rock music too, from acts you may not yet be familiar with.

We figure that, like us, you didn’t just lose interest in your favourite music once your local Rock station went to the crossroads – and traded it’s soul to the devil of commercial expediency.

Of course, you could always try one of those new-fangled algorithm-driven platforms. I mean, they’re okay – if you wanna forego any sense of humanity in your preferred mojo filter.

At our MO is simply this: To provide a 100% FREE, 24/7 platform dedicated to the exposure of Real Rock Music.

If you’re a dedicated Rock Music enthusiast, I encorerage you to get on to, anytime – and let the music do the rest.

Fresh tracks are consistently being added to the mix, along with the odd Live music event.

And what do we want for such a selfless expression of  sheer dedication?

No more than the hearts and minds – and ears of Rock fans, disenfranchised for too long by their local terrestrial radio.

Share us with a friend. Send us a message. Listen.  …..#WeDoTheRock



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