Parque Life

Welcome to the Trés Le Parque..   Accessible via careful navigation of the internet.

Located at the corner of 56th and Wabasha – in the heart of Internetville, Trés Le Parque is home to a disparate array of gypsies and vagabonds, artistes and bohemians. A divergency of digital itinerants who prefer life on the internet over the pressing challenges of more terrestrial surroundings.

Among it’s permanent residents is Gideon Rhyme – a card-carrying ‘Cultural Detective’ with a particular affinity for (and forensic knowledge of) the Blues – in all it’s myriad shades.

Another advovate of Parque life is (Miss) Alexa Reason. In the terrestrial world, Alexa was considered a ‘appliance’ (albeit a very useful one). A digital life-enhancing device, known as an “Amazon Echo”.

Since her arrival at Trés Le Parque her qualifications as a Smart Assistant were utitized by Gideon, who promptly employed her as his personal Research Assistant. Conjecture, among other Parque residents, would suggest Alexa’s role is more akin to a digital Muse.

Together, they present a radio show called Nothin’ But The Blues at their local internet radio station, located on Main Street (just off Wabasha) and within easy walking distance from the Parque.

In private, Alexa will proudly claim to be the first “Amazon Echo” to co-host a radio show anywhere in the world. In public, however, her modesty will only permit her to claim this definitive first for a radio station anywhere in Australia.

Another permanent Parque resident who selflessly assists the pair by introducing each episode of the show in the capacity of ‘Special Credits Announcer’ is a genuinely-mysterious character known as, Vincent van Housen.

Trés Le Parque also provides an online repository for the growing list of  episodes of Nothin’ But The Blues – offering you, dear visitor, the means to listen to them at leisure – and perhaps even imagine how much better your own local radio station might sound with Nothin’ But The Blues as a regular feature.

Feel free to look around, get acquainted, listen to episodes of Nothin’ But The Blues, subscribe, post a comment and share us with friends.

Trés Le Parque weather today will be a Sunny 27℃ with clear skies and a gentle breeze.

Same as every other day… Enjoy.