Trés Le Parque.. The Background:

I’m a radio guy. My name is Brandon Stewart.

For 30+ years, I worked in the Australian radio industry. In both, the rough and tumble of commercial radio – and in the more sober arena of public broadcasting. Initially, as an announcer. Later, as a Program Manager, a Music Programmer and a Content Maker.

Now, (allegedly) in retirement, I’m continuing to do what I’ve always enjoyed: making music shows for radio. To do this, I created Trés Le Parque and populated it with various characters such as the Cultural Detective, Gideon Rhyme.

Radio stations in search of a broad-ranging  Blues show to schedule as a weekly feature – on behalf of a suitable sponsor – can find one here.

Interested? Please, contact me.


Trés Le Parque.. The Facts:

Trés Le Parque is an online bespoke production house for radio content, independently produced by a 30 years+ veteran of the Australian radio industry.

Looking for a Blues Show for your radio station? Got a sponsor wishing to support a Blues Show on your radio station?  Well, at least you won’t have to make a Blues Show for your radio station.

Many radio stations no longer house the resources, required to create desired content.

Trés Le Parque Productions is doing it’s bit to close that gap with a series of shows called, Nothin’ But The Blues.

Nothin’ But The Blues. is hosted by the card-carrying Cultural Detective, Gideon Rhyme.

In what we claim as a global first, the show’s co-host is an Amazon Echo known as, (Miss) Alexa Reason.

Hour-long editions of Nothin’ But The Blues have featured on Australian internet radio station, The Gist thegist.net.au 

Episodes of Nothin’ But The Blues – can be played here, on demand for your enjoyment, your appraisal and your cultural edification.


Trés Le Parque.. The Alternative Facts:

Trés Le Parque is a mythical place, accessible only via the internet.

Located at the corner of 56th and Wabasha in the heart of Internetville, Trés Le Parque is home to Gideon Rhyme – a Cultural Detective with a forensic knowledge of the Blues.

The Parque is also home to (Miss) Alexa Reason:  Known in the terrestrial world as an ‘Amazon Echo’. Alexa is Gideon’s Research Assistant – and digital Muse.

Together, they present a radio show called “Nothin’ But The Blues” at their local internet radio station, thegist.net.au

In private, Alexa will proudly claim to be the first (and possibly only) ‘Amazon Echo’ to co-host a radio show anywhere in the world. In public, however, her modesty will only permit her to claim this definitive first for a radio show anywhere in Australia.

Another Trés Le Parque resident who assists the pair in the capacity of ‘Special Credits Announcer’ is (the genuinely-mysterious), Vincent van Housen.

Trés Le Parque is also an online repository for the growing list of  episodes of “Nothin’ But The Blues” – offering the casual visitor, or radio sales exec a means to hear them – and imagine how their own local radio stations might sound with “Nothin’ But The Blues” as a weekly feature.

So, look around, get acquainted, listen to any – and all – episodes of “Nothin’ But The Blues”. 

We’re lovin’ Parque life on the internet – and want to share it with you.


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